Sumter Behavioral Health Services

Our Vision:   A Substance Abuse-Free Sumter

Alcohol and drug abuse is one of history's oldest problems. Every day, thousands of people try alcohol or other drugs for the first time. The consequences of substance use range from personal, work and family problems to criminal behavior, automobile accidents, homicide and suicide.

Since 1973, Sumter Behavioral Health Services (Sumter BHS) has specialized in the prevention, intervention and treatment of drug related problems.  Sumter BHS's vision is to achieve "a substance abuse-free Sumter".

Our Treatment facility is located at 441 N. Main Street. The Administrative Offices, Intervention, and Alternative Services Division are on the third floor of the Sumter County Building at 115 North Harvin Street.  Additional Sumter BHS facilities are located in various parts of the city, increasing accessibility and making possible a wide range of services. 

We strive to constantly identify the ever-changing needs of the Sumter community and adapt our services to the community's needs.  Sumter Behavioral Health Services has a Board of Directors, is licensed by DHEC, and credentialed by CARF.

Our Mission:  Empowering people in Sumter County to live free from substance abuse through a continuum of high quality services.