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Adult Group Counseling
Adult Group Counseling

Adult Group Counseling

Adult Individual
Adult Individual

Adult Individual Counseling

Adult Group Counseling
Adult Group Counseling

Adult Group Counseling



Individual and Group

As an outpatient client, you may come for treatment a few days a week.  Many services are available such as individual counseling, group counseling, family therapy, case management, life skills training and more.

The focus here is on your own personal plan for recovery from substance use disorders and addiction.

family counseling
family counseling

family counseling
family counseling


We offer outpatient services in our office or a more intensive approach where services can be provided out in the community.


Our professional counselors can provide counseling to families in our office or to the children in their schools.

PTSD and Addiction
PTSD and Addiction

Anger Management
Anger Management



Individual and Group

Our counselors have experience working with individuals struggling with:

* Depression and anxiety

* PTSD and trauma

* Marital/partner issues

* Family issues

* Anger management

* Grief and loss

 * Plus many other life issues.

Together we will work to create an individual plan of care that fits your concerns

Walk-Ins are Welcome for Assessments
every Tuesday or Thursday
at 9 am and 1 pm.
First come First serve basis.
 Bring Photo ID, Social Security Card and Insurance Card.

Adult Substance Use Services

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)   ***  NEW   ***

Using FDA approved medications, the Medicated-Assisted Treatment (MAT) services provide counseling and behavioral therapies together.  This treatment plan allows us to offer a “whole-patient” approach to the cure of substance use disorders.


During the assessment process, one of our trained clinicians will discuss the options available based on each individuals need.   Potential candidates will meet with a nurse practitioner to assess their medical and physical health. This will help determine eligibility.  Financial assistance is available for those that qualify.    


For more information, please contact the Sumter Behavioral Health – Treatment or Outpatient Department at (803) 775-5080.


Substance Abuse Counseling

In a group setting or individually, this counseling is designed to help the client focus on identifying and acknowledging the consequences of continued substance abuse.  

The client will learn what triggers substance abuse and how substance abuse contributes to the following issues:

    * High risk relationships

    * Negative consequences

    * Poor interpersonal relationships

    * Exposure to violence and sexual assault

    * Poor finances

    * Failure to provide a stable and safe home for themselves and children

    * Developing alternative coping strategies.


Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is a planned face-to-face intervention that is often useful in assisting the client in improving their emotional and behavioral functioning.  Client’s unique stressors are often generational in nature and immensely extensive and affect their families as well as themselves.  Individual therapy can enhance the client’s capacity to identify maladaptive behaviors and cognitions allowing them to identify more appropriate alternatives.  They will learn to utilize new strategies to make beneficial lasting lifestyle changes which help to promote more adaptive behaviors.

Family Therapy

Chemically dependent families have a unique system that seeks to provide stability in spite of drug usage.  Understanding the family system, its roles, rules, and structure allows participants to understand how their addiction has affected their loved ones.  It will help everyone recognize and understand the changes within the family as everyone adapts.  Group interaction with family participation can develop an understanding that chemical dependency of any member of the family, indicates family pain and is not solely experienced by the chemically dependent person.

Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services (Life Skills)

The purpose of this face-to-face service is to assist the client in the restoration or strengthening of skills needed to promote and sustain independence and stability in their living, learning, social and work environments. 

Intensive Outpatient Clients

In this program, the client receives 9 or more hours of counseling each week, mostly conducted in a group setting.  The group process allows clients the opportunity to offer each other support, share common experiences and identify strategies that have been successful for them.  This will allow them to challenge each other’s behaviors and cognitions. It is designed to manage, reduce or resolve identified behavior problems.  A client will learn ways to function more independently and competently in their daily life.

HIV Screening and Education

SBHS has a staff member on site that will aide clients in learning more about HIV as well as other common diseases that are easily transmissible due to high risk choices, to include injection drug use.
All prospective clients are allowed to complete an initial screening to determine risk, and then provided with an opportunity for FREE testing for HIV, as well as education and materials to increase awareness.

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Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services

The U.S. Department of Transportation has a program for Alcohol and Drug testing that boasts strict guidelines and regulations for its employees. When an employee tests positive for a substance or is suspected of having an alcohol or drug problem, they are referred to a SAP - Substance Abuse Professional - who renders a full evaluation and any treatment or continued drug testing recommendations. Sumter Behavioral Health has a SAP on staff to assist in the return to duty process for above mentioned employees. This helps facilitate intervention and possible treatment, while maintaining a positive relationship with the referring employer.

Adolescent and Family Services (AFS)

The AFS program can last up to 6 months unless further treatment is necessary.  After the child or family unit has been stabilized and preserved, the counselor will discontinue services or refer the adolescent and/or family for ancillary services available in the community. Counseling is offered at our Treatment facility or at the child's school.

This  program teaches family members and others how to create a recovery environment that reinforces positive adolescent behavior patterns by offering services designed to:

  • strengthen parenting skills and improve family functioning

  • provide alcohol and drug abuse services

  • improve life skills

  • decrease behavior problems

  • reduce juvenile offenses and school related problems



AFS components include a full assessment at the beginning of services, followed by appropriate counseling that can include individual, group, or family sessions.

The identified client is a child (age 6-21) who may be at-risk of being removed from the home due to family discord, problems at school, substance abuse or legal involvement.

The purpose of AFS services is to reinforce and enhance the child’s ability to function at school, in the community and within the family by communicating and demonstrating behavior management methods / techniques and appropriate skills to promote stability and resolve conflict.

Adolescent Outpatient Services specialize in the delivery of treatment for adolescents (ages 12-18 years) struggling with substance use or other behavioral problems.  Services are delivered in an outpatient setting and can include individual, group, family therapy and psych educational or substance abuse counseling.  


We accept walk-ins and self-referrals.  To submit by referral, please print and complete the Adolescent and Family Referral Form below.  Return information is provided on the form. 



Most major insurances are accepted including Medicaid and Tricare.  We offer payment plans and financial assistance.